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I’m pretty sure all I do is travel! To an extent, that’s a legacy from my dad: we moved 4 times before I was 7; we would often get a one-way trip out in the small company airplane my dad flew for RKO General, if he was flying out to collect Big Deal people, and … Continue Reading



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Religion is one of those topics best avoided… So inevitably we talk about it! It is the space between our emotional and rational selves that we cannot quite understand. It told us the whys and wherefores of the incredibly dangerous place we lived in and was a big part of keeping us safe. The world … Continue Reading



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Childhood comes in two flavours, there’s the one we actually experienced and there is the one we are expected to remember: fuelled by romantic Victorian fantasies and feel-good films at Christmas. Memory, according to ‘neurolinguistic programming’ is linked to emotion so our childhood recollections are most likely clustered around happy memories. Time seemes to (rather … Continue Reading



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Poets tend to write about things that cause strong emotion: Death does do that. Plus, in my case, I tend to be surrounded by the remnants of death, and life. My poem The Dust of the Dead is about the dustiness in museums, and the dust that is probably little bits of bone: what I … Continue Reading



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We’re poets innit! We are not going to see love in quite a Valentine sort of way. Loneliness, lust, companionship and passion are all manifestations of a creature trying to reconcile the chemical bonding process with rationality, or more likely the irrationality by which we try to judge ourselves or others. Rationally we want it … Continue Reading