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This week we released episode three of the new season of The Poetry Show podcast. This episode was hosted by Becca Miles, our resident ‘larp’ enthusiast. For those of you who are unfamiliar with larp, it is a very popular hobby that stands for ‘Live Action Role Playing’ – groups of people meet up and … Continue Reading



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The Poetry Show is back with another episode and this time the topic is on Grandparents. In this show, Alan takes the helm as Rose takes a back seat with Becca and returning special guest Kit Marshall. Alan introduces us to the topic with a poem called “Grate”, followed by Becca Miles with a poem … Continue Reading



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Season two of The Poetry Show is here and we’re giving you new ways to listen to the show! Not only can you find us on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and iTunes, you can now listen to the show on our brand new YouTube channel, listen on TuneIn, Stitcher and keep up to date with the poets on Instagram! The first episode of the new series … Continue Reading



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In this podcast, I, Rose Drew, Alan Gillott, and Damian O’Connor, bring together the seemingly conflicting topics of Science and Poetry. Many earth orbits ago, my university writings always looked at Art and Science. One dissertation looked at the scientific knowledge within Margaret Cavendish’s startling science fiction A Blazing New World (1666), showing how Science and Art overlapped in … Continue Reading



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Should a poem be ambiguous and cryptic? Should the reader be picking apart the meaning, coming to interpretations? That, surely, is why we study poetry, why poems like The Wasteland have endured as long as they have. Cross-medium, there are several universities where you can do an entire module on just what the hell Joyce was talking … Continue Reading



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Do you have dreams?  Do you remember your dreams after you wake up? Do you analyse your dreams, mull them over, search for meaning? This episode of The Poetry Show examines dreams.  For some, a dream may be a nightmare.  For others, they can’t remember their dreams and so wonder if dreams are all that. … Continue Reading



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Maybe it’s my naturally sunny disposition, but for me poetry always begins with a problem. There’s the problem of the blank page, of what to write, where to start, who or what to gripe at, and of course the minor issue of interacting with the entire history of the poetry that’s come before. Each new … Continue Reading



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“You Northerners are just naturally funny aren’t you?” people say, citing the rich comic heritage that comes into their heads- from Hylda Baker and George Formby, Gracie Fields to Victoria Wood, Peter Kay to Les Dawson and Johnny Vegas. I look at them in a po faced way and say “But no aspects of human … Continue Reading



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It is downright easy to convince ourselves and others that we are not prejudiced but in the roots of our makeup is the basic survival mechanism of us or them. Them is easy when thinking about another skin, or sex, or gender, but is more insidious when we realise that how we dress, do our … Continue Reading