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Childhood comes in two flavours, there’s the one we actually experienced and there is the one we are expected to remember: fuelled by romantic Victorian fantasies and feel-good films at Christmas. Memory, according to ‘neurolinguistic programming’ is linked to emotion so our childhood recollections are most likely clustered around happy memories. Time seemes to (rather unfairly!) speed up as one get older, and the further away from childhood the memories one keeps are few and far between. When we look back, summers lasted forever; it was always a major holiday or birthday; and only the really big events seem to stick. Or, do they? In this episode, Rose looks at the ‘ten minutes’ we keep from childhood; Laurence veers away from childhood and into our most precious toys; and Alan recalls spending summers in very far away places.  Charli misses this episode, but she’ll be back!

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