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We’re poets innit! We are not going to see love in quite a Valentine sort of way. Loneliness, lust, companionship and passion are all manifestations of a creature trying to reconcile the chemical bonding process with rationality, or more likely the irrationality by which we try to judge ourselves or others. Rationally we want it all to fit together, the friendship, the trust, the common purpose, the togetherness and even the forever, but as an animal that lives for 70 odd years too perfect a bond would never survive loss. The bond which religion deems indissoluble must be soluble to ensure our survival as a specie. It is in that equivocal state that makes is both fear and desire love and ensures that love and the physical manifestation of love, the single most discussed topic, the subject of dreams and maybe nightmares, and poetry. In spite of a healthy dose of cynicism it was remarkable to hear the true magic of love still lurking around amongst the words.


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