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I’m pretty sure all I do is travel! To an extent, that’s a legacy from my dad: we moved 4 times before I was 7; we would often get a one-way trip out in the small company airplane my dad flew for RKO General, if he was flying out to collect Big Deal people, and then we’d drive back (from Texas to Connecticut, for example). We flew down to Florida and West Virginia once or even twice a year. This love of travel never left me, and if I am NOT planning a trip, it feels strange. But now, I really do have to travel: I visit family in the States, and I travel to the collections I study. The poem about Tromsø was actually a vacation! Alan has often travelled too, especially in the early days of the internet developing, and as a product manager for large companies like IBM. Alan’s poems are about the disconnection you can feel to your surroundings when you know you are only a visitor. Laurence just rails against visitors! Charli, though, reminds us that even when we love to travel, or endure travel, or somewhere in between, sometimes our habits are truly alien to the places we visit.


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