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Religion is one of those topics best avoided… So inevitably we talk about it! It is the space between our emotional and rational selves that we cannot quite understand. It told us the whys and wherefores of the incredibly dangerous place we lived in and was a big part of keeping us safe. The world of rationality has shrunk both the unknown and the known leaving new chasms between differing faiths and the continued search for reason. This new chasm is no longer safe. The anthropologist in Rose respects every religion equally: which means, in reality, she’d rather wish they’d all stop giving us hatreds to hide behind. Charli, our resident optimist, talks about the rules and regulations that come with every faith, while Alan takes a longer view and travels from the Big Bang to a range of Bronze Age beliefs. Laurence is off mastering his Master’s Degree which is maybe a good thing: otherwise Charli would be in a very tiny room with THREE agnostics and/or atheists.

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