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This week we released episode three of the new season of The Poetry Show podcast. This episode was hosted by Becca Miles, our resident ‘larp’ enthusiast. For those of you who are unfamiliar with larp, it is a very popular hobby that stands for ‘Live Action Role Playing’ – groups of people meet up and wear costumes representing a character that they create and participate in an agreed fantasy world. It sounds very fun!

Becca introduces us to the topic and then begins with a sonnet. This is then followed by a poem called ‘Games’ by Alan. Rose Drew then goes on to tell us about a convention that she attended with her daughter – Rose dressed up as Sally from ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’, this inspired her poem called ‘Sewing Lessons’. Kit Marshall, our guest, then proceeded with her wonderful poem titled, ‘Butterfly Dreams’. Becca Miles then closes the show with her larp-inspired, ‘Poem For A Fictional Person’.

You can listen to this episode now on SoundcloudStitcheriTunesYouTube and TuneIn.

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